Pottery and Ceramics

New Zealand

JILL BARRY (POTTER) - Jill lived in Tapu, Coromandel, for ten years where she worked with a three-chambered, wood-fired Kyoto kiln. She also studied pottery in a number of countries, including Denmark, Germany, Italy and Greece. Jill also won two prestigious awards in NZ exhibitions. Her work, its colour, form and function, reflects her European Heritage. She has been potting & teaching in Devonport since 1991 and she has a studio at Queens Parade, Devonport. 
Contact: Jill Barry (Devonport, Auckland, NZ)
Jill Barry Potter

KAMAKA POTTERY - Kamaka Pottery is located in Valentine Road, 10km South-West of Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. A large selection of wood fired pottery by Bruce and Estelle Martin is available from the workshop gallery and visitors are welcome. Please phone for an appointment (06 8799 555). 
Contact: Bruce and Estelle Martin (Hawkes Bay, Auckland, NZ)
Kamaka Pottery

CRAFTWORKS - Jennifer is constantly changing and improving aspects of her domestic ware, and also is now working on individual, one-off pieces and developing glazes. Lately she has been developing works on paper and canvas in oils, ink, charcoal and pastel, with the Southern landscapes being a major influence and passion. 
Contact: Jennifer Green (Otaki, Auckland, NZ)

SOUTH STREET GALLERY - Experience the historical home of Nelson Pottery for well over 20 years. At South Street Gallery you will find 25 selected potters of national and international renown. All work guaranteed handmade by Nelson craftspeople. Click to find out more about us at the Gallery or view a selection of Potters work. If it is pottery materials you want then have a look at our current catalogue of Potters Materials. 
Contact: Anna Barnett or Owen Bartlett (Nelson, Auckland, NZ)
South Street Gallery

WESTLAND POTTERY & SILK - As unique as it's location, Westland Pottery and Silk has an international reputation as a small Pottery and Silk Manufacturer situated on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. 
Contact: Barrie Paine and Adrienne Cruickshank (Westcoast, NZ)
Westland Pottery and Silk

DRAGON'S NEST POTTER - Our studio/workshop on the shores of the Firth of Thames is on the Pacific Coast Highway, a major tourist route to the Coromandel Peninsula. We have been in the pottery business for 28 years, making sculptural and fantasy pieces for collectors world-wide. Each Dragon is individually hand modelled using N.Z clays and fired to stoneware temperature. While Dragons are our specialty we also make wall- art based on fish and organic forms. 
Contact: Wilma & Noel White (Kaiaua, NZ)
Dragon's Nest Pottery

STEINER STUDIOS - Bob Steiner is a New Zealand craft artist who studied at Elam Art School. He has developed his pottery and ceramic skills for over 30 years. Current range includes 50 shapes in two distinct styles. Steiner creates his own inspirations, produces customised orders, sometimes follows the fashion trends and sometimes works collaboratively. The designerware is sold internationally. 
Contact: Bob Steiner (Auckland, NZ)
Steiner Studions

BLACKSTONE SCULPTURES - Online gallery of ceramic sculptures by Tracy Ireland 
Contact: Tracy Ireland (11 Ernest Road, Hamilton, NZ) Phone: 021 0441548
Blackstone Sculptures

MAINTALLOY LTD - ITC Energy Saving Ceramic Coating for brick, castable, fiber, metal in Furnace - Kiln - Boiler. Helps reduce your energy consumption with reported saving from 35 - 55 % on energy costs. 
Contact: Mahmood Ali (Panmure, Auckland NZ) Phone: 021 1839950
Maintalloy Ltd

NEW ZEALAND SOCIETY OF POTTERS - New Zealand has more potters and ceramic artists per population of any country in the world. This website has a comprehensive collection of information about the activities of the country's only national organisation for artists and craftspeople who work with clay including exhibition information, regional news, pages show casing the work of individual members and affilliated local clubs and groups. As well there are online virtual exhibitions, and information about conferences. Use the menu bar on the left to explore these features and many more. 
New Zealand Society of Potters

FURNACE ENGINEERING - have long been established as suppliers of kilns for both the hobby and the craft and smaller industrial market. It was in the early sixties when the founder of then Radians Engineering start manufacturing mainly brick kilns for the education board , the heavy and high power consuming brick kilns of those early days have seen major changes and improvements to become a light weight low power consuming fast firing kiln. Our standard range of kilns for this market starts with the highly successful stainless steel Porcelain Doll Kiln with a 0.6 Cu.ft capacity. At the other end of the scale is our 30 cu.ft gas front loading kiln with ladder pilot and automatic control. A large choice of kilns are of standard design but if your requirements are not met by a standard kilns we can produce a kiln to a customers exact requirements. 
(Pokeno, NZ)
Furnace Engineering

WAIKATO CERAMICS - is a Leading retailer of pottery supplies in New Zealand. We offer a large selection of NZ and imported clays, casting slip, raw materials, frits and glazes,'KIWI' Majolica, 'KIWI' Underglaze, 3-D underglaze, lustres, stains, brushes, pottery tools, slip trailers, corks, glazing equipment, extruders, pottery wheels slab rollers, kilns and accessories moulds and ready to paint bisqueware. 
Contact: Dave and Wendy Gardiner (Hamilton, NZ)
Waikato Ceramics



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