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Pyramid Panels

Pyramid Panels is a division of Plywood City in Penrose. We supply decorative and functional panels, made easy and affordable. Products we currently have on the market are RockPanel and WetWall Panel.
Contact: Barry Delany  Phone: 0800 759 9663
3/525 Great South Road Penrose, Auckland
Pyramid Panels

EMILIO TIMBERS - Emilio’s Timbers offers you high quality trellis for privacy screening for your home or workplace, perfect for cafes, restaurants and garden bars. 
(8 Te Puke Quarry Road, Te Puke, NZ) Phone: 07-573-8792
Emilio Timbers

TIMBER PROFILING SOLUTIONS - We aim to produce the best quality product and concentrate on providing good relationships with our customers. Profiles can be manufactured from a variety of timber, primarily supplied by the customer. Our modern profiling machinery is capable of producing profiles from 6mm-140mm in height and 20mm-240mm in width. The machinery is specifically designed for quick change tooling and no job is too big or too small. 
(17 Nicolaus Street, Trentham, Upper Hutt, NZ)
Timber Profiling Solutions

FRAEMOHS INDUSTRIES - TIMBER TREATMENT - Fraemohs Timber Treatment is the one of the leading dedicated providers of industrial timber pre-treatment. Our processing centre based in Belfast, Christchurch caters for local and national markets with a range of timber protection products and processes to choose from. Wood is a natural, versatile, sustainable and appealing construction material. Application of modern preservative treatments helps to ensure these properties are maintained for many years. At the same time we are helping to conserve the global forest resource, by extending the useful life of perishable softwood timbers. 
Contact: Steve Monteghue (Christchurch, NZ)
Fraemohs Industries - Timber Treatment


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