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AUCKLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - The Auckland Chamber Of Commerce is a voluntary association of companies and individuals engaged in commercial activity in the Auckland region. It is dedicated to the development of international, national and regional trade through:- * Freedom of enterprise for those who by their individual and corporate talents contribute real economic, social and cultural wealth to the community. * The development of a market economy in which there is minimal interference from central and local government. * The strengthening of Auckland’s place as New Zealand’s pre-eminent commercial, industrial and communications centre. * Assisting the development of the region in creating a desirable commercial and industrial environment for its citizens. 
Auckland Chamber of Commerce

WAIKATO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - We are the first point of reference for you, regardless of your business size, age, industry when you want to know where to get X, how to get Y, and who to talk to about Z. People who call us are usually looking for help in the following areas: * International trade information * Funding options * Networking links * Training * Mentoring and coaching * Profitability resources - including accounting, taxation advice, employment resources, finance and marketing solutions We are the ones who will assist you in finding the best solutions and options for what ever you are searching for. If it involves helping your business to grow and it means putting you in touch with people that will assist that growth you need to call the Chamber of Commerce. 
Waikato Chamber of Commerce

TAURANGA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - OUR VISION To be front of mind to the entire community as the voice of business, to be a leading provider of services that support business with the purpose of strengthening business opportunities for the benefit of our region. OUR MISSION To provide leadership and services to the business community that drive business growth and prosperity. To make our community and region the best place to live, work and play through effective and relevant advocacy, networking, education and leadership KEY RESULTS AREAS These are the main areas in which the Chamber of Commerce Tauranga Region must concentrate its efforts if it is to achieve its vision. 
Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

ROTORUA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - The Chamber actively seeks to conduct activities and provides products, services and networking opportunities, which encourages information sharing and ideas. In doing so the Chamber seeks to create a more attractive commercial climate for the businesses located in this region. With a current membership of over 330 companies and a dedicated team of Executive members and staff, the Chamber is a dynamic force behind better business. Membership of the Chamber is open to businesses or enterprises of any size. From small and medium sized enterprises to major locally based companies, the Chamber incorporates every aspect of the business sector. Rotorua has a diverse industry base - agriculture, manufacturing, retailing, research and development and education with the major industries being forestry and tourism. Rotorua attracts 1.2 million visitors a year and has a population base of 67,200. 
Rotorua Chamber of Commerce

WELLINGTON REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce represents more than 140 years of collective strength. In its early years it was instrumental in shaping the region's infrastructure. Today it continues to be at the forefront of business development and advocacy locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Wellington's economy is based on knowledge. Central government is headquartered here and the region boasts burgeoning creative and research sectors. As well as being the political capital the city is also New Zealand's arts and entertainment centre. Wellington city hosts a biannual Festival of the Arts to rival any international festival and Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet are all based here.
Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce

ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN NZ INC. - The mission of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand, is to stimulate, facilitate and foster trade, investment and opportunities between New Zealand and Italy and to encourage joint ventures and the exchange of knowledge by acting as a catalyst for the commercial energies of both countries. 
Contact: Sonja Leah Cabrera (Wellington) Phone: 04 382 9209 
Italian Chamber of Commerce in NZ Inc.

NELSON REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - More than 140 years of collective strength. Nelson Regional Chamber of Commerce has been in the business of encouraging regional development and representing the region's wealth creators - its businesses - since 1858. In recent years we have operated under our trading of Commerce Nelson. Today, our 500 members, who range from major corporations to sole traders, continue to benefit from the broad pro-business policy platform promoted by Commerce Nelson and the close personal networks and contact membership brings. 
Nelson Regional Chamber of Commerce

CANTERBURY EMPLOYER'S CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - As the largest agency in the South Island providing business support, the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce is recognised as the regional champion of business. We work to provide real business and employment relations solutions to ensure businesses are able to succeed in their endeavours both domestically and through import and export.
Canterbury Employer's Chamber of Commerce

OTAGO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY - Welcome to The Otago Chamber of Commerce and Industry Website. The Chamber's mission is to actively promote and encourage business growth and opportunity in Otago. We represent over 1100 businesses and professional people who are loyal to Otago and who work together to make Dunedin and Otago a better place to do business. We do this by: * Being the business voice on relevant economic and growth issues * Identifying, exploring and facilitating common growth issues for organisations within the business sector * Being a key provider of business information * Providing and facilitating networking opportunities for all members 
Otago Chamber of Commerce & Industry

THE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN NEW ZEALAND - “The American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is constantly seeking opportunities to build business and trade relationships within the private and public sectors, “ said Executive Director, Mike Hearn. “The annual Innovation and Success Awards are a fine example of recognising and honouring entrepreneurship, innovation and achievement in creating mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships that will help accelerate growth in bilateral trade.” Two-way trade is currently pegging at just under $9 billion, accounting for some 14 per cent of New Zealand’s total earnings from overseas trade. 
The American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand



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