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ASIA NZ FOUNDATION - Asia New Zealand Foundation (formerly known as Asia 2000 Foundation of New Zealand) was founded in 1994 as a non-profit, apolitical organisation dedicated to building New Zealand's links with Asia. Through its activities in education, business, media,cultural, research and policy studies, Asia:NZ aims to promote initiatives which deepen understanding and relationships between New Zealanders and the peoples of Asia. This is achieved through: Partner - Develop active partnerships to deliver initiatives of mutual benefit. Inform - Initiate and provide well-informed input into policy and public thinking on Asia-related issues. Experience - Promote interaction and enable personal experience and learning of Asian countries and peoples. Connect - Connect people through networks on Asia-related issues. 
(Auckland - Wellington, NZ)
Asia NZ Foundation 

NEW ZEALAND TOURISM RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Improving the profitability and sustainability of tourism..." The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, based at the Auckland University of Technology, brings together experts in the tourism and hospitality arena. Our goal is to develop timely and innovative research solutions for the tourism industry and those who depend on it. Our focus is on helping to develop a profitable and sustainable industry which provides tangible benefits for business, residents and visitors. 
Contact: Simon Milne (Auckland , NZ)
New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

PINNACLE RESEARCH - To help support others wishing to establish Walking School Buses at their school, Pinnacle Research has developed guidelines. The research programme was later extended to include a trial of personalised marketing (to encourage people to use passenger transport, walking or cycling to go to and from work), analyses of vehicle occupancy, weekend travel behaviour, older people’s travel patterns & transport sustainability, and short trips/trip chaining. In 2004, Pinnacle Research, in conjunction with overseas partners, completed a study for Land Transport New Zealand (formerly Land Transport Safety Authority) considering the role of safety in school travel plans. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Pinnacle Research

THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND - The Royal Society of New Zealand is an independent, national academy of sciences, a federation of some 60 scientific and technological societies, and individual members. We promote a critical awareness of science and technology in schools, in industry and in society. We invest in excellence in people and ideas and put them to work as an inspiration to New Zealanders. We administer several funds for science and technology, publish eight journals, offer science advice to government, and foster international scientific contact and co-operation. 
Contact: Glenda Lewis (Wellington, NZ) Phone: 04-470 5758 
The Royal Society of New Zealand

ISURVEYSOFT - isurvey is the market survey software application that market research professionals use when they are tired of using old fashioned paper forms for face to face interviews. 
Contact: Michael (Lower Hutt, NZ) Phone: 04 918 1579 

ARANZ - ARANZ Scanning Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARANZ, and is responsible for the production, development and product integration of the hand-held laser scanner and related products. Examples of integration projects include a mask making system for creating immobilisation masks for radiotherapy; and the Hanger Insignia product, where the FastSCAN Cobra™ was selected by Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. (the largest prosthetics and orthotics provider in the USA, with over 600 clinics) as its primary 3D data entry device, facilitating a faster and less invasive way to create prosthetics and orthotics than traditional casting methods. Through work initially carried out in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics, University of Canterbury, ARANZ has developed advanced software for processing various types of 3D data-sets using radial basis functions. This is available as a FastRBF™ Toolbox for Matlab, a stand-alone surfacing product called SilverLining™, as well as a FastRBF™ library for OEM customers. A version of the FastRBF™ engine has been embedded in the FastSCAN™ software enabling ARANZ to offer more comprehensive solutions to many of its clients. The FastRBF™ family of products is marketed and sold through ARANZ's subsidiary FarField Technology Ltd. 
(Christchurch, NZ)

LANDCARE RESEARCH - Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research is New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation specialising in sustainable management of land resources optimising primary production, enhancing biodiversity, increasing the resource efficiency of businesses, and conserving and restoring the natural assets of our communities. 
Contact: Andrew Trevelyan (NZ) 
Landcare Research


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