Secondary Schools

New Zealand

KRISTIN SCHOOL - Kristin School is committed to developing an international perspective and a sense of global awareness. Both are integral parts of the school culture. It is to this end that we warmly welcome overseas students. Overseas students make excellent progress at Kristin in a supportive and nurturing academic learning environment. Opportunities to integrate with Kiwi students, as well as students from other cultures, are encouraged. 
Contact: Marge Scott - Executive Principal (North Shore, Auckland, NZ)
Kristin School

CARMEL COLLEGE - The College is set on the Shores of Lake Pupuke on Auckland's North Shore 15 minutes from the City Centre. The College aims to foster in every student a sense of her self worth and dignity as a Christian woman, empowering her to realise her potential in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and cultural aspects of her life. Preference is given to Catholic students. Carmel College offers a comprehensive range of courses which prepare most senior students to attend University and Polytechnics. The school has a reputation for academic excellence. The school's facilities provide a fine learning environment for the curriculum which is offered. 
Contact: Kath Deady (Auckland, NZ)
Carmel College

PAKURANGA COLLEGE - Pakuranga College is a school which focuses on academic excellence. We are very keen to ensure that every single student at the college has every opportunity to achieve all that they are capable of during their time at school. At the same time we believe strongly that the happiness and well-being of every student is of vital importance, and our policies, practices and procedures are formulated with this in mind. We are proud of our academic record. In all national examinations our students have consistently been in the top group in the country with an impressive number of scholarships won every year in the University Bursaries Examinations and excellent results in NCEA. 
Contact: Bali Haque - Principal (Pakuranga, Auckland, NZ)
Pakuranga College

FIRST TUTORS - Search this website to find private tutors in New Zealand in your area for primary, secondary and tertiary level home or private tuition. First Tutors have private tutors all over New Zealand who are offering subjects like Maths and English, but also offer specialist subjects like photography or languages. Private tuition is offered for Entrance exams, NCEA Levels 1 - 3 and tertiary level examinations. Sign up to find your tutor. 
Contact: Hannah du Plessis (Papakura, Auckland, NZ) Phone: 09 266 0797
First Tutors

THE STUDY GURUS - The Study Gurus is a website dedicated to providing helpful recourses to parents with children sitting NCEA. Offered is a free newsletter for parents with helpful tips and information about school and studying. Students can sign up to the Study Essentials programme, which is a 10-week course that specifically teaches your child how to study and do well in their NCEA exams, as well as full access to the Study Gurus as online study tutors and entrance into competitions. 
Contact: Chris (Waitakere, Auckland, NZ) Phone: 021 247 4760
The Study Gurus

HAURAKI PLAINS COLLEGE - Hauraki Plains College is a small friendly school which offers a safe and supportive environment in which high standards of discipline are maintained and students are encouraged to care for each other and strive for excellence. Hauraki Plains College has a long tradition of hosting and providing educational experiences for international students. In order to maintain a high level of personal support and to ensure an 'authentic' New Zealand experience, the number of international students attending our school is limited. Hauraki Plains College provides an ideal opportunity for international students to experience New Zealand in a welcoming, focussed and secure atmosphere, while receiving a quality education. 
Contact: Steven S Mitchell - Dean of International Students (Ngatea, NZ)
Hauraki Plains College

HAMILTON'S FRASER HIGH SCHOOL - We are proud of our school, proud of our heritage, proud of what we have achieved in recent years, and confident in our vision for the future. We are a school where ACHIEVEMENT is nurtured and promoted, where success and participation in academic studies, sport, drama, art, music, kapa haka, cadets and all other school activities are valued. We are a large school of more than 1800 students, teachers and support staff. Our school community is a microcosm of Hamilton City, we are co-educational, multi-cultural and drawn from a diverse socio-ethnic cross section of society. 
Contact: Martin S Elliott - Principal (Hamilton, NZ)
Hamilton's Fraser High School

HAMILTON GIRL'S HIGH SCHOOL - "A wise woman shapes her own destiny." The mission of Hamilton Girls' High School is to provide an education for girls in a cooperative climate where individuals are encouraged to develop their full potential. At Hamilton Girls' High School we aim to promote learning as a life-long process by providing students with programmes suited to their needs. Multi level study is a feature of our flexible timetable. All students are assessed regularly and full reports are issued to parents twice yearly. The school is supported by a wonderful Hostel, Sonninghill, which caters for 130 girls in a very pleasant setting and with all modern amenities. The Hamilton High and Girls' High School Old Girls' Association continues to support Hamilton Girls' High School and has three functions a year which any past pupil is welcome to attend. 
Contact: Mary Ann Baxter - Principal (Hamilton, NZ)
Hamilton Girl's High School

WAIKATO DIOCESAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS' - A limited number of International Students from a variety of countries are taught at our school. These students do particularly well as they receive excellent ESOL tuition, subject support and pastoral care. Most of our International students are cared for in Bishops' Hall, but home-stays can be arranged. Students are accepted at all levels and are well prepared for tertiary study. Year 13 students are prepared for the IELTS examination and for the Literacy Units that they require for University Entrance. Courses of study are tailored to the student's individual needs. Our Dean of International Students monitors each student's academic and social progress. She takes a personal interest in each student and keeps parents regularly informed of their daughter's well-being and progress. 
Contact: Mrs Gillian Simpson Principal (Hamilton, NZ)
Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

ROTORUA GIRL'S HIGH SCHOOL - These are overall extremely pleasing statistics and show that of all Rotorua Girls' High School students entering for unit standard or achievement standard assessments in 2003, European students achieved above the national figures in all learning areas except Mathematics; Maori students achieved above the national figures in all learning areas except International Languages; Pasifica students achieved above the national figures in all learning areas except Technology; and Asian students achieved above the national figures in all learning areas except Social Sciences and the Arts. 
Contact: Mrs Annette Joyce - Principal (Rotorua, NZ)
Rotorua Girls' High School

WESTERN HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL - Western Heights High School is a school to be proud of. We see the following as major strengths of the school. Warmth, co-operation and striving together between students and staff. This has resulted in tremendous commitment from all towards high achievement in all endeavours. Excellence is reached in achievements of students in academic, sporting, culture , arts, drama and music. The school climate is one of enjoyment, striving and pride. Our students are proud to be identified as 'Heights' students and enjoy sharing in the successes of others. There is a tremendous spirit of 'belonging'. We provide programmes and activities to meet the needs of all students. while it has been great to share in the excellence reached by our highly talented students, it has also been a delight to see the achievements of those who have had to struggle at times. An outstanding feature of the school is the guidance and pastoral care network that helps to ensure that individual needs are catered for. 
Contact: Jane Collins - Alumni Co-ordinator (Rotorua, NZ)
Western Heights High School

JOHN PAUL COLLEGE - John Paul College has a long and proud tradition of welcoming International Students and ensuring their academic and pastoral success. The school welcomes students from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Philippines and South America. Our New Zealand students are very accepting of International Students and your son/daughter will feel very welcome. International Students make a significant contribution to John Paul College because they allow our students an opportunity to interact with children from different cultures and languages. It gives our school an international prospective. John Paul College is a community and family based school with a strong emphasis on Christian values, high academic achievement and participation in co-curricular activities particularly sport and drama. We welcome the opportunity to teach your son/daughter English, provide them with an experience of New Zealand life and to send them home with fond memories and new friends. 
Contact: Patrick Walsh (Rotorua, NZ)
John Paul College

GISBORNE BOYS'HIGH SCHOOL - Gisborne Boys’ High School warmly welcomes students from different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world. The school has an established tradition of enrolling international students. The school actively participates in student exchange programmes and hosts overseas student groups. Our international students have come from the following countries: Brazil, France, Italy, P.R. China, Switzerland, Thailand, Holland Germany, Japan, Macau, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Hong Kong, S. Korea, South Africa and Taiwan. 
Contact: Ms Michele McCarthy - Director of International Students (Gisborne, NZ)
Gisborne Boys’ High School

WOODFORD HOUSE - An Integrated girls school Woodford House has established a tradition of excellence for over 100 years. Woodford continues to provide challenging education & experiences for Boarders and Daygirls from Years 7 - 13. In fulfilling this, we aim to provide experiences so that girls' lives are enriched and they are well prepared to achieve in their tertiary studies and in the workforce. On leaving Woodford, girls will have learnt to be responsible for their actions, to be motivated, to be prepared to continue life-long learning and be confident in taking their place in the community. Friendships made during the Woodford years often last a lifetime 
Contact: Rebecca Cody (Havelock North, NZ)
Woodford House Integrated girls' school

TAUPO NUI A TIA COLLEGE - Taupo is located in the centre of the North Island on the shores of the largest freshwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere and within a one hour drive of a major ski field and other excellent recreational resources. It is safe, beautiful and a tourist destination for national and international visitors. Taupo is less than an hour by aeroplane from Auckland and Wellington. The campus is set in landscaped grounds with well equipped classrooms facilities, including specialist rooms for Science, Music, Art, Computer Studies, Technical, Physical Education, Drama and Home Economics. 
(Taupo, NZ)
Taupo Nui A Tia College

WANGANUI COLLEGIATE SCHOOL - We are a school of 500 and we currently have 50 international students from all parts of the globe including Japan, Thailand, Korea, Germany, China and Malaysia. All of our international students are boarders, and they live with the New Zealand students in one of our six Houses. This gives all of the boarding houses a truly multi-national feel and also encourages our overseas students to make friends with the locals. English is spoken in all classes and in the Houses, so our international students pick up language skills very quickly. There are 3 major focuses to life at Wanganui Collegiate School - academic, sport and culture. 
Contact: Neil Porter - The Registrar (Wanganui, NZ)
Wanganui Collegiate School

AWATAPU COLLEGE - Awatapu College is a co-educational state school situated in Palmerston North, New Zealand. It has a roll of approximately 975 students from year 9 to year 13. The College has excellent staff and facilities, and provides a wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities. We invite you to join us. Awatapu College 434 Botanical Road Palmerston North New Zealand. Phone: 356 4817 Fax: 356 4819. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 
Contact: Tina Sims (Palmerston North, NZ)
Awatapu College

KAPITI COLLEGE - Kapiti College is located on the west coast just north of Wellington City, within easy reach of the capital by public transport. It enjoys a pleasant temperate climate, near to a great beach, where the local community enjoys a range of activities including surfing, boating, swimming, and fishing. Raumati Beach, home of Kapiti College is one of a series of adjoining coastal townships which have grown to become a thriving urban/rural/area known as the Kapiti Coast. 
Contact: John Russell - Principal (Kapiti Coast, NZ)
Kapiti College

WELLINGTON COLLEGE SCHOOL - Wellington College is a school with an unequivocal emphasis on excellence, whether it be academic, sporting or cultural. Our achievement in external examinations places us in the top echelon of New Zealand secondary schools. Every year, our number of scholarships in the Bursaries’ Examinations is the highest in the greater Wellington area. The cultural dimension of College life receives an equal emphasis. Students are involved in a wide variety of musical activities including the Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir, Concert Band and many small groups. The Debating Club, the Kapahaka group, the Speech competitions and Theatresports all have a high profile. There are a number of significant drama events throughout the year including the annual Shakespearean production, the Junior and Senior Drama productions, and the hugely popular Stage Challenge. 
Contact: R.J. Moses, MA (Hons), LTCL, FNZIM - Headmaster (Wellington, NZ)
Wellington College

WELLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL - Wellington High School has a long association with students from all over the world. It has received international students for over 40 years. All staff members are aware of the special needs of international students for academic attainment and social support. The great majority of our students are New Zealanders of European descent. However there are more than 30 different ethnic groups studying at Wellington High School and they are accepted as an important part of the school’s special character. The school values the diversity brought by its international students. 
Contact: Prue Kelly - Principal (Wellington, NZ)
Wellington High School

HERETAUNGA COLLEGE - Upper Hutt is located 30kms from Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, in a river valley surrounded by bush and ranges. Regular train services run to the city allowing easy access. College facilities are second to none and include a new art suite and technical block; 7 science and 4 computer labs; extensive sports facilities including gymnasia; and a modern information centre (library). Heretaunga College offers a wide range of courses which prepare students to attend universities, polytechnics and other tertiary institutions. Its successful academic record reflects a strong emphasis on study and positive expectations for educational achievement. Staff are hard working and committed to students and considerable effort has been made to provide attractive and stimulating teaching environments. 
Contact: B J Robb (Wellington, NZ)
Heretaunga College

CHRISTCHURCH BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL - Founded in 1881, Christchurch Boys’ High School is a single-sex Year 9-13 state secondary school for boys with a roll of approximately 1280 students. The school has a reputation for academic excellence and an extensive co-curricular programme, and is regarded as one of New Zealand's leading schools. Christchurch Boys’ High School believes in high standards and the pursuit of excellence - in academic work, in sport and culture, in discipline and behaviour and in service to others. The course structure is designed to cater for all boys, whatever their learning background or level of ability. All students are prepared for the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) in Years 11, 12 and 13. Accelerant and extension classes operate at all levels. 
Contact: Ms Tracey Hames, Director of International Students (Christchurch, NZ)
Christchurch Boys’ High School

CHRISTCHURCH GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL - Since its founding by the University of Canterbury in 1877 the school has catered well for the academic needs of students. With a roll of about 1020 girls we are large enough to provide a choice of academic programmes but small enough to provide a personal, caring environment. Our consistently excellent academic results are a source of great pride. We also value the rich cultural mix within our school to which overseas students contribute and a further strength is the wide range of activities offered through sporting and cultural programmes. "We look forward to welcoming you to our school." 
Contact: Mrs Catherine Butchard (Dean of International Students) (Christchurch, NZ)
Christchurch Girls' High School

CHRISTCHURCH RUDOLF STEINER SCHOOL - The school comprises a kindergarten, and both a primary and a secondary school. It provides a complete Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) education for children from four to eighteen years old. The school started in 1975 with two pupils and currently has a roll of about 380. It is situated on a beautiful site in Opawa, and is presently part way through a major rebuilding program with a number of buildings of striking design gradually replacing the original prefabs. The school is a founding member of The Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand 
Contact: Thomas Proctor (Christchurch, NZ)
Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School

PAPANUI HIGH SCHOOL - "The Best Possible Education for Each and Every Student" Papanui High School has an excellent reputation for its high quality care of international students. In 2004 at the inaugural International Education Awards Papanui High School won the Excellence Award for Professional Development. This award showcases excellence in role-modelling all areas of international education, such as academic programmes, pastoral care and quality delivery of the Code of Practice. 
Contact: Denis Pyatt - Principal (Christchurch, NZ)
Papanui High School

ELLESMERE COLLEGE - Ellesmere College strives, above all else, to provide a positive, caring, and satisfying learning environment that will encourage and challenge each student to fulfil their potential. The values of self-esteem and self-discipline, pride in personal initiative and endeavour, and mutual respect are strongly fostered at the College and are enshrined in the College Code. The highly-qualified and committed staff make every effort to respond to the personal learning needs of each student and to provide individual support through the Guidance Network. 
Contact: Ken Dawson (Leeston, NZ)
Ellesmere College

TIMARU BOY'S HIGH SCHOOL - International students are warmly welcomed into our school's community and we value this opportunity for contact with other cultures. Students enrolled are predominantly from Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Japan. The school acknowledges that the learning it provides today needs to prepare all students for life in a global world. Enrolments from international students are accepted at all year levels and they may enrol at any time during the year. A small number of international students allows us to give them individual care and attention and full orientation. Under the guidance of the Director of International Students and a qualified and experienced team of professionals, the students undergo a full English as a Second Language course while at the the same time being integrated into mainstream classes at the level their ability indicates. TOEFL and IELTS are offered. 
Contact: Kevin O'Sullivan - Rector (Timaru, NZ)
Timaru boys' High School

TIMARU GIRL'S HIGH SCHOOL - Timaru Girls' High School welcomes girls from all over the world, either as exchange students, or as foreign fee-paying students. Girls from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and many others have enriched our school by their presence. Many have come simply to experience the New Zealand way of life, while others have taken the opportunity to improve their English language skills. The school offers ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages) for those students who want to take advantage of them, as part of its normal courses for students who wish to improve their English. These classes help students to improve their English to a level where they may successfully enter tertiary courses at universities and polytechnics in New Zealand.
Contact: Sandra Sidaway - Principal (Timaru, NZ)
Timaru Girls' High School

MOUNT ASPIRING COLLEGE - The College has achieved excellent academic results over the years and utilises the local environment in its comprehensive Outdoor Education Programme. A wide range of subjects are offered at all levels and class sizes are small. Our Centre is also part of the OutdoorEdNZ program Mt. Aspiring College’s facilities are modern, new and comfortable. The buildings include: general classrooms, two laboratories, art room, food technology room, two computer suites, music suite, library, technology suite, outdoor pursuits centre, administration block. The buildings are sited on seven hectares of playing fields and gardens. A twenty- five metre indoor heated community pool is adjacent to the College grounds and is open five months of the year. 
Contact: Mr M JACKWAYS, BA, Dip PE, Dip Ed Studs, Dip Tch - Principal (Wanaka, NZ)
Mount Aspiring College

LOGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL - Logan Park High School is right next to Dunedin's three main tertiary institutions; the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic and the Dunedin College of Education. The school itself lies at the base of a beautiful forested valley, directly opposite the city's main athletics stadium, the Caledonian Ground. It is about a fifteen-minute walk from the centre of the city. The school has a roll of over 650 students with 7% of places allocated to international students. Most of our students gain entrance to university in their final year. Our students love the colour and vibrancy that international students bring to the school and our staff do everything possible to make sure that your move to a new country is as easy as possible. 
(Dunedin, NZ)

Logan Park High School



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