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TALENT ONLINE - Talent On Line is firstly a directory which you can use to research faces, learn about performers, production people and related services before making your first phone call. We work very much like a more specialised version of the Yellow Pages. For example, a performer buys a page to advertise their skills, display photos, sound files or perhaps a showreel of their work. When you want to book the talent for an audition, just use the contact details on their page. It may be their agent, Talent On Line or them directly if they have listed freelance. There's no fee to view our directory and casting or production people can obtain passwords for limited access information (eg - some actor's show reels) directly from the respective agent at no cost. 
Contact: Samantha Shanahan (Auckland, NZ)
Talent Online

AUCKLAND ACTORS - A website about a group of Auckland actors and some of the productions they are currently acting in. 
(Auckland, NZ)
Auckland Actors

SAM NEILL - Sam Neill Home Page - the photos, sounds, FAQ, and filmography (as of their last update) will remain online as a resource. The mailing lists will also continue to exist. Please continue to visit the website for Sam Neill's winery Two Paddocks and for his Production Company, Huntaway Films. 
Sam Neill

RUSSELL CROWE - This is the standard by which all fan sites should be judged. MRC's incredibly thorough pages contain Crowe's biography, filmography, headlines, gossip, photos and casting rumors. Best of all, they're delivered with great humor." 
Russell Crowe

LUCY LAWLESS - This site is dedicated to the career of the beautiful and talented Lucy Frances Lawless, star of Xena: Warrior Princess, Warrior Women, Eurotrip, Boogeyman, Locusts! and Tarzan. You will find convention photos, screencaptures, a comprehensive archive of Lucy's interviews and articles from various magazines, newspapers, tv show transcripts and radio interviews, wallpapers and artwork. There's also information on Lucy's upcoming projects, as well as TV Alerts, video clips from tv shows, interviews and movies. Sound files of Lucy singing and Lucy Infosites about the various projects she has been involved in.

TEMUERA MORRISON - Temuera's involvement in Star Wars represents one of his higher-profile public roles, but is really only one part of an extensive and impressive array of credits in the entertainment industry. Despite a Hollywood career that is gathering momentum, Tem reports getting the most satisfaction from the telling of New Zealand stories. 
Temuera Morrison

ANNA PAQUIN - Welcome to The Unofficial Anna Paquin Homepage. This is the first fan site dedicated to the young Oscar-winning actress and her films. If you have any pictures, articles or any other info about her, please forward them to me. 
Unofficial Anna Paquin Homepage


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