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New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND DEFENSE FORCE - The New Zealand Defence Force comprises some 8,949 regular force, 2,228 territorial force Service men and women and 2,192 civilian staff across the armed services of Navy, Army and Air Force, operating as Three Services – One Force. We have a proud tradition extending from service in the South African War over 100 years ago to the present. Peace support operations have been a major element of our operations in recent years. New Zealand was a member of the "force of the willing" which recently brought stability to the country of Timor Leste. This mission demonstrated our philosophy of joint operations combined with the forces of our allies and friends. New Zealand Defence Force personnel are currently serving in 19 missions around the world, from Afghanistan and the Gulf of Oman in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, the global war against terrorism, to logistical support in Antarctica. This website provides a comprehensive overview of the activities of the New Zealand Defence Force, who we are and what we do.
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Defence Force

ROYAL NEW ZEALAND NAVY - Our Vision is to be the best small-nation Navy in the world, reflecting the unique nature of our business upon the oceans. Our Mission states the purpose of our navy: To contribute to the security and prosperity of all New Zealanders through the delivery of versatile, responsive, and effective Maritime Military Capability across the spectrum of operations. The current fleet comprises two Anzac- class frigates, HMNZ Ships TE KAHA and TE MANA, a fleet replenishment ship (tanker) HMNZS ENDEAVOUR and various auxiliary ships for hydrographic survey, diving support and coastal patrol. The Navy is based at Devonport, Auckland, where the shore establishment HMNZS PHILOMEL and the RNZ Naval College are responsible for administration, supply and training support to the sea-going ships. In addition the Naval Dockyard, managed commercially by VT Fitzroy Ltd, undertakes the necessary maintenance and refitting work for the ships. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Royal New Zealand Navy

NEW ZEALAND ARMY - Welcome to the New Zealand Army's website. If you're thinking about joining up, you'll find all you want to know about life in the Army here. There are over 25 different trades for you to consider, and you'll learn skills that will set you up well, not only for your career, but for your life. Visit our careers section. \ We're determined to continue being a world class Army carrying the Mana of all New Zealanders. While that Mana is important when we're at home, it's even more crucial when we deploy overseas. New Zealand Army personnel are currently serving and have served in missions in all four corners of the world. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Army

ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE - The RNZAF is a critical component of the NZDF and New Zealand's security posture. It provides a military air capability that meets the requirements of the New Zealand Government; a capability that is characterised by its swift response, its long reach and ability to adapt to a range of contingencies. Our air capabilty incorporates a joint operational focus based on air power doctrine and will be near the forefront of technological developments. To operate the aircraft and equipment the RNZAF teams demands people to that are motivated, skilled, honest and loyal. It takes people that are responsible and who take great pride in their service and their allegiance to New Zealand. As a member of the RNZAF they are prepared to protect the security interest and people of New Zealand. RNZAF personnel have the opportunity to experience the world in a way few other people can. No matter what role they are in, people will never find another profession quite like it. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Royal New Zealand Airforce

ARCHIVES NEW ZEALAND - Archives New Zealand is the official guardian of New Zealand's heritage documents. We gather, store and protect an extremely wide range of material. Our holdings include the originals of the Treaty of Waitangi, government files and records, maps, paintings, photos and film. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Archives New Zealand

ANTARCTICA NEW ZEALAND - Antarctica New Zealand is the Crown Entity responsible for developing, managing and executing New Zealand Government activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, in particular the Ross Dependency. Antarctica New Zealand manages Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic research station. It maintains New Zealand’s operational presence in the Ross Dependency for the benefit of present and future generations of New Zealanders. Key activities include supporting scientific research, conserving the intrinsic values of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and raising public awareness (in part through arts, media and youth programmes) of the international significance of the continent. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Antarctica New Zealand

BEEHIVE.GOVT.NZ - New Zealand businesses can look forward to increasingly liberalised trans-Tasman trade and reduced compliance costs in 2007. 
(Wellington, NZ)

BIOSECURITY NEW ZEALAND - MAF Biosecurity New Zealand is the lead agency in New Zealand's biosecurity system. It is tasked with a "whole of system" leadership role, encompassing economic, environmental, social and cultural outcomes. It also has international trade and animal welfare responsibilities. 
(25 The Terrace, Wellington, NZ)
Biosecurity New Zealand

CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY OF NEW ZEALAND - In New Zealand there are about 9000 active pilots and 3830 aircraft. More than 8.4 million passengers travel on our main airlines' domestic services and 3.7 million arrive on international air carriers each year. Their safety is overseen by the CAA. The CAA establishes civil aviation safety and security standards, and monitors adherence to those standards. The CAA carries out accident and incident investigations and collates this material to establish an industry-wide safety picture. This becomes the basis of safety initiatives ranging from education campaigns to increased monitoring and regulatory action. 
(Petone, NZ)
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

CREATIVE NEW ZEALAND - Creative New Zealand is the national agency for the development of the arts in New Zealand. Our work is diverse, ranging from grassroots projects through to support for professional artists and arts organisations. This includes funding programmes, special initiatives, audience and market development, partnerships and research. 
Contact: Cath Cardiff (Wellington, NZ) Phone: (04) 498 0742 
Creative New Zealand

DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION - The Department of Conservation is the central government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand on behalf of and for the benefit of present and future New Zealanders. Its mission is "to conserve New Zealand's natural and historic heritage for all to enjoy now and in the future". The Department's responsibilities are encapsulated in the Department's Maori name - Te Papa Atawhai; Te papa signifies a box or container (for the taonga or treasures) and atawhai the act of caring, nurturing or preserving. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Department of Conservation

DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS - The department issues passports; registers births, deaths and marriages; administers citizenship applications; ensures gambling is fair, legal and honest; enforces censorship law and promotes internet safety; contributes to community development by administering Lottery Grants, Community Grants Schemes and Trusts; and provides support services and policy advice for Ministers of the Crown. We are home to the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, the Local Government Commission, and the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Department of Internal Affairs

E-GOVERNMENT IN NEW ZEALAND - Welcome to the website of the New Zealand e-government programme. This site is a resource for government agency people in New Zealand who need up-to-date, easily accessible and authoritative e-government information & resources to assist them to achieve their agency’s e-government goals. 
(Wellington, NZ)
e-Government in New Zealand

INLAND REVENUE DEPARTMENT - We collect most of the revenue that government needs to fund its programmes and we also administer a number of social support programmes. In undertaking these important roles, we strive for excellence and aim to be effective and efficient in all we do. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Inland Revenue Department

INTERLLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF NEW ZEALAND - This New Zealand Government website provides information on patents, trade marks and designs. Here you can search the registers, pay renewal fees, file trade mark applications, and find forms and guides on intellectual property in New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. Website

GET READY GET THROUGH - Due to its location and environment, New Zealand faces many potential disasters. In some cases, such as a weather related or volcanic disaster, there may be time for a warning. But an earthquake or a tsunami close to land could strike without warning. All disasters have the potential to cause disruption, damage property and take lives. So it’s vital that you prepare now. This website will show you how to get ready, so you’ll get through. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Get Ready Get Through

KIWICAREERS - Career Services KiwiCareers is a government-funded website containing New Zealand job, industry and training information, and links to relevant websites. For other career information or guidance freephone Career Services CareerPoint or visit one of our Career Centres. 
(Wellington, NZ)

LAND INFORMATION NEW ZEALAND - LINZ holds authoritative information about land surveys and ownership, topographic maps and nautical charts. We make sure that the rating valuation system is fair and consistent and oversee the buying and disposal of Crown land. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Land Information New Zealand

LAW COMMISSION - The Law Commission is an independent, government-funded organisation, which reviews areas of the law that need updating, reforming or developing. It makes recommendations to Parliament, and these recommendations are published in our report series. The Law Commission helps ensure that the law provides effectively for the current and future needs of our rapidly changing society. Its goal is to achieve laws that are just, principled, accessible, and that reflect the heritage and aspirations of the peoples of New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Law Commission

MINISTRY OF CIVIL DEFENSE AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT - The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management leads the way in making New Zealand and its communities resilient to hazards and disasters. The overarching strategy for achieving resilience to hazards and disasters is through a risk management approach to the four "Rs" of reduction, readiness, response and recovery. This approach starts with recognising the hazards we face and the vulnerability of our communities and infrastructure to those hazards. By addressing what these hazards could do to us, the focus can move to measures for reducing the risks and for managing the impacts when they occur. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management

MINISTRY OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS - The Ministry's primary role is to create an environment that promotes good and accurate information flows between suppliers and consumers so that consumers can transact with confidence. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is an operating branch of the Ministry of Economic Development. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs work covers the: evelopment of consumer policy including consumer protection, product safety and weights and measures - provision of appropriate, accurate and accessible information, education and advice for consumers and businesses on consumer laws and issues investigation of unsafe consumer products - provision of advice on consumer representation, including a consumer representation nomination service to government departments and agencies - administration of a range of consumer legislation - enforcement of the Weights and Measures Act 1987. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Consumer Affairs

MINISTRY FOR CULTURE & HERITAGE - The Ministry provides advice to the New Zealand government on culture and heritage matters. It assists government in its provision and management of cultural resources for the benefit of all New Zealanders, and undertakes a number of activities that support and promote the history and heritage of our country 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry for Culture & Heritage

MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - The Ministry is responsible for providing the Government with advice on the creation of an economic and regulatory environment which promotes the development and success of small and medium enterprises. As such the Ministry provides advice and research on SME issues related to business assistance, access to capital and best practice. The Ministry recently established a Small Business Directorate within its Industry and Regional Development Branch. The Directorate is an advocate for small business to and across government. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Economic Development

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - Infomation from the Ministry covering a wide range of eductional topics. Ideal starting point for international students wishing to study in New Zealand.
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Education

MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - works with others to identify New Zealand’s environmental problems and get action on solutions. Our focus is on the effects people’s everyday activities have on the environment, so our work programmes cover both the natural world and the places where people live and work 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of the environment

MINISTRY OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - The Ministry of Social Development, Te Manatu Whakahiato Ora, provides strategic social policy advice to the New Zealand Government and provides social services to more than one million New Zealanders including: income support, employment services and NZ Superannuation through Work and Income, student allowances and loans through StudyLink, services to rural clients through Heartland Services, leadership and coordination of services and programmes that support families through Family and Community Services 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Social Development

MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS & TRADE - International embassy and high commission contacts around the globe. Resources for business to business contacts and trade.
(Wellington, NZ)

MINISTRY OF HEALTH - Wide ranging links covering a range of health services provided by the ministry. 
(Wellington, NZ)

Ministry of Health

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE - On 1 October 2003, the Department for Courts and the Ministry of Justice merged to form an expanded Ministry of Justice. On this site you will find information about the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry's services, Courts, and information about the work we undertake to create a fairer and safer New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Justice

MINISTRY OF MAORI DEVELOPMENT - English, but the left-hand navigation is still in Maori. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Maori Development

MINISTRY OF TOURISM - The Ministry of Tourism works to maximise the benefits to New Zealand from the sustainable development of the tourism industry. We provide tourism policy advice to the Minister of Tourism, work with other government departments on key tourism policy issues and provide tourism research and statistics. Our work includes advising on and evaluating Government investments in tourism, administering the Tourism Facilities Grants Programme and assisting with major events. The Ministry of Tourism does not have a direct role in marketing New Zealand. Tourism New Zealand works with Regional Tourism Organisations and individual tourism businesses to market New Zealand as a visitor destination. Tourism New Zealand's websites have more information on how New Zealand is marketed to the world and why you should visit New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Ministry of Tourism

MUSEUM OF NEW ZEALAND TE PAPA TONGAWERA - Te Papa's key tasks are to preserve and present the taonga (treasures) of New Zealand's peoples and to interpret the country's heritage for national and international audiences. View here our latest media releases, our library of media releases, our media enquiry form, and a collection of images of Te Papa. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongawera

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF NEW ZEALAND - The purpose of the National Library, as defined in the National Library of New Zealand Act 2003, is to enrich the cultural and economic life of New Zealand and its interchange with other nations, as appropriate, by: collecting, preserving, and protecting documents, particularly those relating to New Zealand, and make them accessible for all the people of New Zealand, in a manner consistent with their status as documentary heritage and taonga; supplementing and furthering the work of other libraries in New Zealand; and working collaboratively with other institutions having similar purposes, including those forming part of the international library community. 
(Wellington, NZ) Phone: +64 4 474 3000
The National Library of New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND CLIMATE CHANGE - The government recognises climate change as a long-term strategic issue for New Zealand within the broader context of economic transformation, national identity, and other leading issues, for example, water quality and flood control. To support the government’s strategy, a series of whole-of-government work programmes has been approved and will be implemented over the next year or so. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Climate Change

NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMS SERVICE - New Zealand welcomes travellers and trade but we also want to protect our community by controlling who and what crosses our borders. You can use our website to find out about:
rules and requirements for people, goods and craft entering or leaving New Zealand.
news and information about the New Zealand Customs Service, including our organisation, structure and career information.
details of the legislation we administer. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Customs Service

NZAID - NZAID is the Government’s international aid and development agency. The agency is responsible for delivering New Zealand’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and for advising Ministers on development assistance policy and operations. NZAID is a semi-autonomous body within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). It has its own Vote and management arrangements tailored to its core business. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand's International Aid and Development Agency

NEW ZEALAND FIRE SERVICE - Welcome to the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) official website. This extensive site provides information about our organisation, our people, our role, our equipment, latest news, recruitment, building requirements, latest fire safety campaigns and our publications. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Fire Service

NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION SERVICE - Every year, New Zealand welcomes thousands of new residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors. The New Zealand Immigration Service is here to assist those who qualify for entry to New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Immigration Service

NEW ZEALAND PARLIAMENT - Find out about our system of government, what Parliament does, how we choose our members of Parliament, and how laws are made. Discover the important jobs people do in Parliament and what special rules, privileges, and powers apply. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Parliament

NEW ZEALAND POLICE - New Zealand Police is the lead agency responsible for reducing crime and enhancing community safety. Police provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We operate from more than 400 community-based police stations. We have 8,800 staff. We operate by land, sea and air. Police respond to more than 1 million 111 calls each year. Police are involved in crime prevention as well as responding to crime.
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Police

NEW ZEALAND QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY - The New Zealand Qualifications Authority provides national and international leadership in assessment and qualifications. We quality assure secondary and tertiary qualifications and education providers, evaluate overseas qualifications and administer the New Zealand Register of Quality Assured Qualifications and the National Qualifications Framework, including the NCEA.
(Wellington, NZ) 
New Zealand Qualifications Authority

NEW ZEALAND TRADE AND ENTERPRISE - New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the New Zealand Government’s agency charged with helping New Zealand businesses achieve success at home and in the global marketplace. What we do explains NZTE's organisational focus and how we work with New Zealand business. Our People profiles our Senior Management, Board Members, Senior Trade Commissioners and Sector Directors. See our Corporate Documents to download our Strategic Direction and other reports. Doing Business with New Zealand gives an overview of our services for queries from outside New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

NEW ZEALAND TREASURY - First established in 1840, the Treasury is one of New Zealand’s oldest institutions. Initially the Treasury consisted of just a few officials responsible for managing the Government’s day-to-day financial affairs. Today the Treasury employs just over 300 people, is the Government’s lead advisor on economic and financial policy, and has the overall vision of helping governments achieve higher living standards for New Zealanders. 
(Wellington, NZ)
New Zealand Treasury

RESERVE BANK OF NEW ZEALAND - The Reserve Bank of New Zealand's three main functions are: operating monetary policy to maintain price stability; promoting the maintenance of a sound and efficient financial system; and meeting the currency needs of the public. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

SECURITIES COMMISSION - The Securities Commission is established under the Securities Act 1978. We are a statutory corporation which, in all matters other than funding and the appointment of Members, is expected to act independently of the New Zealand Government and others. Our purpose is to strengthen confidence in New Zealand's capital markets, both in New Zealand and overseas, by promoting: the efficiency of these markets, the integrity of these markets, the cost-effective regulation of these markets, and thereby fostering capital investment in New Zealand. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Securities Commission

STATISTICS NEW ZEALAND - Statistics New Zealand (Te Tari Tatau is its Maori name) is a government department and New Zealand's national statistical office. It administers the Statistics Act 1975, and is the country's major source of official statistics. Its chief executive has the title of Government Statistician. Prior to December 1994, Statistics New Zealand was known as the Department of Statistics. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Statistics New Zealand

SUSTAINABILITY.GOVT.NZ - Living sustainably means living smarter. Through this site you’ll learn how to reduce your impact on the environment and save money. 
Contact: Andrew Millar (Wellington, NZ) Phone: (04) 439 7766

TECHNOLOGY NEW ZEALAND (TECHNZ) - The Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST) invests in research, science and technology (RS&T) on behalf of Government to enhance the wealth and well-being of New Zealanders. As the largest single investor in RS&T, it plays a key role in facilitating participation in the achievement of economic, environmental and social benefits. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Technology New Zealand (TechNZ)

THE PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND - There is no formal job description for the role of Prime Minister. The Cabinet Office Manual states that "The Prime Minister is the head of the Government", yet there is no statute or law which establishes the office or defines the role. The Prime Minister is the Queen's primary advisor and the head of the Cabinet. As the chair of Cabinet and also his or her party's Caucus, the Prime Minister is able to set the agenda and sum up Cabinet and party decisions. Important decisions are usually communicated by the Prime Minister, adding to the public perception of the Prime Minister's role as primary spokesperson and leader of the Government. The Prime Minister has ultimate responsibility for maintaining and co-ordinating the Government. 
(Wellington, NZ)
The Prime Minister of New Zealand

THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF NEW ZEALAND - The Sovereign and the House of Representatives together make up the Parliament of New Zealand. The Governor-General signs into law (gives Royal Assent to) bills that have been passed by the House of Representatives. The Constitution Act empowers the Governor-General to summon and dissolve Parliament. The Governor-General also presides at meetings of the Executive Council (Council members are Ministers of the Crown) and signs regulations (as Orders in Council). 
(Wellington, NZ)
The Governor-General of New Zealand

THE OFFICE OF ETHNIC AFFAIRS - The term 'ethnic' (matawaka), in the context of the Office of Ethnic Affairs' mandate, relates to any segment of the population within New Zealand society sharing fundamental cultural values, customs, beliefs, languages, traditions and characteristics, that are different from those of wider society. 
(Wellington, NZ) Phone: +64 4 494 0546
The Office of Ethnic Affairs

TRANSIT NEW ZEALAND - The RCA is a group of representatives from the territorial local authorities, Department of Conservation, Land Transport New Zealand, and Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), led by Transit. The purpose of the RCA is to exchange information and provide updates on working groups, legislation, standards and guidelines, highway and procurement strategies and other issues relevant to road controlling authorities and the other member organisations 
(Wellington, NZ)
Transit New Zealand

WORKSITE / PAEMAHI - When you've got a question about work this is the place to be. You'll find useful links and information on everything to do with employment and training in New Zealand. Take a look around or use 'Search' to find what you need. 
(Wellington, NZ)
Worksite / PaeMahi

WWW GOVT.NZ - Government departments and local councils have added descriptions of the information and services they offer - technically called 'metadata' - to an electronic catalogue called Metalogue. The standard format for their metadata is called the New Zealand Government Locator Service (NZGLS) Metadata Standard. After the metadata has been checked it is fed into databases which you can search on using this site. For more information about NZGLS, and the metadata creation and collection processes, see 
(Wellington, NZ)



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