Theraputic Massage

New Zealand


Native Chiropractic

Native Chiropractic offers gentle & specific chiropractic care from birth to beyond, as we understand everyone is better with a nervous system that is functioning well!
Contact: Elly Packham  Phone: 03 326 5060
Native Chiropractic
OPTIMUM MASSAGE THERAPY - Sports, Relaxation, and Therapeutic Massage to suit your needs! Ease those aches and pains, relieve tension headaches, sleep better, enjoy more energy... Feel better than you thought you could! 
Contact: Ann Gasnick (Mt Eden/Epsom, Auckland, NZ)
Optimum Massage Therapy

NEW RENAISSANCE MASSGE AND BODYWORK - Deep Tissue therapy is a form of massage technique that addresses what are known as “triggerpoints.” Triggerpoints are elaborated upon in the field of neuromuscular therapy and are thought of as the culprits of referred pain problems. Referred pain is when the source of the pain is not hurting, but a peripheral point (triggerpoint) is acting up and only seems to be the cause. Deep Tissue Massage is effective for hunting down these shadowy unknowns to relieve the symptoms and increase awareness and vitality in the body. One of the interesting things that happens during a treatment with an experienced practitioner is that one becomes aware of knots and that they were previously unaware of. It is a welcome relief to receive energy back that was tied up in a stress pattern that you did not even know was there! Working out a point of tension promotes vitality and creates a ground for increased health, better movement and even clarity of mind and thought 
Contact: Brian Tierney (Titirangi, Waitakere City, Auckland, NZ) Phone: 09-811 8062
New Renaissance Massage and Bodywork

OASIS BODY THERAPY - Oasis Body Therapy Auckland for Massage - Therapy, Relaxation, Thermal Massage, Vibration and Skin Therapy Auckland 
Contact: Andrew McCall (64 Prospect Terrace, Mt Eden, Auckland, NZ) Phone: (09) 300 7275
Oasis Body Therapy

HEALING ENERGY - Mobile Therapeutic Massage to homes and offices in Northern Suburbs of Wellington. Have a relaxing massage in comfort of your own home or office. 
Contact: Terumi Isogai (5 Hollydale Grove, Churton Park, Wellington, NZ) Phone: 04-4780297
Healing Energy

BRAZILIAN SECRETS - Brazilian Secrets Beauty Studio specializes in waxing, relaxation and anti cellulite massages. We are from Brazil and use natural products in offering you the best service for affordable prices. Our Brazilian expert is ready to show you how Brazilians are really done. Come & try a traditional waxing 
Contact: Marcia Fernandes (20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington, NZ) Phone: 0211566905
Brazilian Secrets

SANCTUARY HEALTH - Acupuncture, Massage & Yoga. Come to a calm and peaceful healing environment. ACC treatment provider. NZRA and Yoga alliance accredited. 
Contact: Dan Jakes (36 Frankleigh Street, Christchurch, NZ) Phone: 03 337 2309
Sanctuary Health

QUEENSTOWN THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - is centrally located in downtown Queenstown, New Zealand. We have been operating for 10 years and are now one of the largest and best organised massage therapy clinics in New Zealand. We have built our clinic on a heartfelt value of offering genuine health care to both our community and visitors. All of our therapists have excellent training and experience. Equally as important, our massage therapists share a vision of caring for people. 
Contact: Philip Green (Queenstown, NZ)
Queenstown Therapeutic Massage



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