Aerospace Companies

New Zealand

AIRWORK (NZ) LTD - If you are contemplating a new aviation operation, or want to expand or re-organise your existing operation, then feel free to contact us. We provide comprehensive operational packages to a wide range of organisations. Service in the millenium is about competent people committed to customer service and management systems that can deliver that service. At Airwork we have a management structure that connects you directly to the person who can meet your aviation needs. 
(Auckland, NZ)
Airwork (NZ) Ltd.

MARTIN AVIATION SERVICES - Manufacture of Aircraft Flight Control Cables under a Manufacturing Organisation Certificate (No. AM 36375) issued by the Civil aviation Authority of New Zealand, under their Rule Part 148. Only Aviation Certified cable and end fittings are used, from reliable USA manufacturers, and all cable and fittings have certificates of conformity to spec., and material composition. All completed cables are 100% proof tested to 60% of the breaking strain of the cable used, and issued with a NZ CAA Form 1 (Authorised Release Certificate). 
Contact: John Geary (Ardmore, Auckland, NZ)
Martin Aviation Services

NEW ZEALAND WARBIRDS ASSOCIATION - The New Zealand Warbirds Association is an umbrella body dedicated to the restoration, preservation and operation of service aircraft in full flying condition. Nationwide, we are a vitally alive family of involved participants who provide the wide range of skills and support necessary to maintain and operate these classic aircraft. Warbirds was originally conceived in 1978 to preserve ex-RNZAF service aircraft only but this has been expanded by the successful introduction of service aircraft from all over the world including Russian, German and Chinese types. British and American aircraft never seen in service here also figure prominently. Everything from biplanes to jet fighters! 
(Papakura, Auckland, NZ)
New Zealand Warbirds Association inc.

PACIFIC AEROSPACE CORPORATION - From humble beginnings, PAC has become an international leader in non-pressurised utility aircraft. It is one of a very few aviation companies to design and build a brand new aircraft in recent times. 
(Hamilton, NZ)
Pacific Aerospace Corporation

SPORT AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND INC. - SAANZ is dedicated to supporting builders of Homebuilt and Experimental category aircraft of all types within New Zealand. In New Zealand over 10% of aircraft on the Civil Register are custombuilt under either the experimental category or the Microlight category. 
Contact: Bill Sisley (Katikati, NZ)
Sport Aircraft Association of New Zealand Inc.

ULTRASPORT HELICOPTERS NZ LTD - Ultrasport Helicopters for sale and turbine engines retrofit complete refurbishment. Ultrasport models 254, 331 and 496. 
Contact: Dick Sybrandy (992 Auroa Road, Manaia, NZ) Phone: 06 274 5715
Ultrasport Helicopters NZ Ltd

AIRCRAFT BUILDERS SUPPLIERS - When building an aeroplane from plans, and when constrained by a budget, a lot of work goes into sourcing bits and pieces. Below is a list of suppliers I have used for various things. I hope this will help in avoiding bad suppliers, help support the good ones and also help builders find things. Not all are necessarily the cheapest but the are all great people to deal with. I hope it helps. 
Aircraft Builders Suppliers


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