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TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND - TV ONE - is both a public broadcaster and a commercial broadcaster. Central to TV One is news and current affairs, under the banner One News. Other programming consists of mainly drama, general entertainment and documentaries, both locally and internationally (especially British) produced. The channel is broadcast on the government owned Kordiaterrestrial network as well as on one of the two Kordia satellite transponders, which is included in channel packages on the Freeview, Igloo, and Sky platforms.
Television New Zealand TV One

TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND _TV 2 -TV2 is New Zealand's second-oldest television channel, formed in 1975 following the break-up of the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation into Radio New Zealand, Television One and Television Two. It began broadcasting on 30 June 1975, and for most of the 1970s was known as South Pacific Television. In 1980, it became a part of TVNZ when South Pacific Television and Television One merged, and reverted to the name TV2.
Television New Zealand TV2

TV3 - is a New Zealand nationwide television channel. Launched on 26 November 1989, it was New Zealand's first privately owned television channel. The channel currently broadcasts nationally (with regional advertising targeting four markets) in digital free-to-air form via the state-owned Kordia on terrestrial and satellite. Vodafone also carry the channel for their cable subscribers in Wellington and Christchurch. It previously broadcast nationally on analogue television until it was switched off on 1 December 2013. 
For Me It's TV 3

TV4 - The channel's target audience is 18–49-year olds and can be broader in its appeal, with programming which attracts a wider, and more mature audience. During early mornings and late afternoons the channel will screen a range of children's programming such as Sesame Street and in the evenings will screen shows aimed at the mainstream audience. Overnight and late mornings – early afternoons the channel will screen Infomercials and Auto TV (Car Commercials). Four broadcasts mostly American programming, with the exemption of Sticky TV and Smash which are in-house produced Auckland hosted youth shows and the Pukana youth show which is produced from a Maori language government fund. Pukana also airs on one of the two government funded Maori language channels.
Four New Zealand

Prime - is the second privately owned national free-to-air television broadcaster currently available within in New Zealand. The broadcaster airs a varied mix of programming, largely imported from Australia, the UK and the United States, as well as free-to-air rugby unioncricketnetball and rugby league matches. 
Prime New Zealand


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